Saturday, June 30, 2018

Organization in Craft Room

Here are some of the ways I get Organized in my Craft Room - 
everyone has to find what works best for them.
The Best Organizational System EVER for me!
I house Most of my  dies on magnetic sheets - slide the sheet down a plastic sleeve and write on the left side the brand of the die or at the top. I started this system in 2018 and love it! I can now see the dies I have and use most often.
Photo of the 4 Die Notebooks I have so far - I have some room in one of them -the other 3 are full. The recycled cardboard boxes to the right have Stamps and or Stamps & Dies, or Die in Zip Lock Bags that are not placed in the Notebooks. My brain at this time knows where most of my items are located - but I also write on the outside of notebooks and boxes to help me remember.

Roller Carts - I have 11  roller carts [4 tall and 7 short]  I use Roller Carts for: Embellishments - Washi Tape, Boxes of Cards, Stencils, ribbons and other crafting supplies, etc. All purchased half off or on Sale. Started this system in 2011    
Dry Embossing Folders - Plastic Shoe boxes - I think they cost between $1-2 dollar each.  I made my own file folder sorters - some smaller dies added in here as well. I need to re-organize these - I will get to it someday - LOL
Some of my Stamps -I used my ATG to adhere the back plastic of the stamp set to white cardstock, then slide the entire sheet down the plastic sleeve - I can slide it out when I need that stamp. Started this in 2012 when I got on the MFT stamp Design Team - It works for me!
Rubber Stamps - stamped on the left on white cardstock - purchased white rubber stamp cling holders through Amazon
Shows the Notebooks that hold the Stamps and Quickutz dies on the shelf- the Quikutz dies are held inside baseball plastic sleeves - photo to come soon  
My husband has built shelves and cabinets for me to place many of my crafting items in the craft room which is a spare bedroom without a bed or doors on the closet. It works for me.

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings, Gail

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  1. Such an awesome organizational system, Gail! It looks like you have everything right where you need it and can find things easily, which is the key! Thanks for sharing!


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