Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Playing Hide and Seek???

As I was looking at different items at Trader Joe's shop today, Garland the Elf was having fun just enjoying watching the people shop. She started talking to some of the shoppers and I had to caution her to not be overly friendly with people she does not know.

I turned my back just for a few minutes to pick up a bag of  walnut pieces and low and behold - Garland was GONE! Oh - no .... Not again!  I started searching the store for her and I was all in a panic wondering where Garland could be.

 Hubby had left shortly to try out some of the coffee samples and when we met up I explained to him what happened. He smiled and said "Garland went into the bathroom - check there."

Well, Garland forgot to lock the door - but answered my call when I knocked on the door and there she was laying on a Poinsettia Plant! She apologized for not telling me she was leaving for the bathroom. She has an obsession with the color RED!!  and Poinsettias!

More adventurous pictures coming soon!
Poinsettia Plant in the corner of the bathroom at Trader Joe's

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  1. I hope Garland doesn't have a bladder infection, Keep an eye on her, sounds like she likes to wander.. My little Hope likes red also - That is why she is always giving red things away.
    Thank you for joining ELF Antics 2nd Annual Linky Party
    DIANA L.

  2. Oh that would be terrible! She is a mischievous elf for sure - but fun to have around! Thanks for the opportunity to show her off!

  3. Fun times abounding in Michigan with Garland. Daisy the Elf & Daisy my dog are both resting/snoozing after a lot of activity today. me, I'm going to bee watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show on tv.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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